Kurmond Homes - Allure 37.5

  • Bedrooms x4
  • Bathrooms x3
  • Garage x2
  • Stairs x2
  • Width x15


Open plan with loads of Allure
Large, family-friendly homes can still offer sustainable living.

Open-plan living can sometimes mean entertainment and living spaces are combined to the extent that you watch TV, prepare and eat dinner, look over the kids’ homework, entertain guests and relax with a cuppa all in the same room. Chances are you’ll get sick of the scenery pretty quickly. Kurmond’s Allure design, however, combines the best of both worlds with an open-plan concept that still allows for separate spaces without the feeling of enclosure. Bulkheads and built-in TV recesses offer division of space without walls. Additionally, a focus on sustainability in the design has created a natural cross-flow of ventilation, thereby limiting the cost of cooling a large open-plan home. Like most modern two-storey designs, the living areas form the Allure’s ground floor while the upstairs houses four bedrooms, two ensuites, a full-sized bathroom and rumpus.