Coral Homes - Daydream 30

  • Bedrooms x4
  • Bathrooms x2
  • Garage x2
  • Stairs x1
  • Width x18.0
  • Depth x30


Ever found yourself daydreaming of a resort style home with all the space and style you need to live a truly relaxing lifestyle? If so you’ll love Coral Homes’ contemporary masterpiece, the Daydream 30. With stunning design features and uncompromising quality, it’s just what you need to stop dreaming and start living. This versatile design offers seamless indoor/outdoor integration between the home’s open plan heart and its private outdoor living area. With spacious bedrooms for the kids, a luxurious master bedroom for mum and dad and separate activity and media spaces the Daydream 30 is the kind of home everyone in the family will love to share.