How to avoid annual spring cleaning

How to avoid annual spring cleaning

How to avoid annual spring cleaning

October 4, 2019

Netflix sensation Marie Kondo has inspired a new wave of spring cleaning and home organisation – but imagine if your new home design allowed you to simplify your storage and reduce the feeling of clutter all year round? Here are some tips inspired by the beautiful display homes you’ll find at HomeWorld villages.

Start at the entrance

Entryways are the first thing you see after you walk in the door and probably the place where you’ll drop your belongings before dashing off to the bathroom, television or wherever you need to be. It’s one of the most highly frequented places so it’s important that you know exactly where things are. To avoid clutter, add organisation, like a rack for shoes, wall hooks for coats and umbrellas, and a cupboard for bags, keys and other essentials.

Think creative storage ideas

Whether it’s a walk-in pantry for your families’ large appetite or a wardrobe for your clothes, ensure you have enough practical built-in storage solutions. Consider floating wall shelves on top of your office space, slide-out drawers for cooking pots, and hidden space underneath the stairs for the vacuum and mop. Turn that unused landing space into a study or library with storage.

Use double-duty furniture

If you’re into entertaining, extendable tables and sofas can help accommodate extra guests. Island kitchens are also a stylish addition, allowing for more counter space and provide extra hidden storage options.

Adopt open planning

Not every room needs to be segmented. In fact, open planning encourages declutter by connecting large spaces together and allowing movement – and there are so many fantastic open plan designs to be inspired by across the HomeWorld villages. Try including screens, sliding doors or even different levels to your living area to create designated zones without dividing the space with a wall.

Clean indoor plants

It’s all about indoor plants, but too many can look messy. And the wrong kind – those that drop leaves or require a lot of water, can actually make mess. Look for simple, streamlined succulents or plants that are more vertical than horizontal so they leave more breathing space for humans to live!

Make smart design choices now so you won’t regret them later! In the wise words of Marie Kondo, a clutter-free home is more likely to bring joy, prosperity and less stress. #konmari

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