About Homeworld

What we’re about

HomeWorld was launched in 1986, and continues today to grow and evolve throughout NSW today.

HomeWorld is responsible for the development and management of large display villages, showcasing the latest in new home designs.

We are a destination that brings together a co-operative of 49 builders, who all individually manage and run their businesses.

We have five locations across NSW with over 350 homes to explore.

Our aim is to provide a destination for people who are considering building a new home, to walk through new display homes, see the latest in floor plans, alfresco living, interior design and technology.

Each of the builders within HomeWorld have teams on site, in their homes, to help you with any questions and to show you other designs that they have (that are not on display in HomeWorld).

As HomeWorld is a competitive environment, it is also a great way to compare promotions and inclusions being offered by the builders.

With so many builders on site, and so many options to explore, HomeWorld really is the place to start when you are considering building a new home.